Baby Lock For the love of sewing




We are your authorized Baby Lock Machine Dealer serving Troy Alabama and the surrounding area.  We carry a complete line of sewing machines, single needle embroidery machines, multi needle embroidery machines, quilting machines and sergers. Our machines start with the Genuine Collection Zest at $99.99 all the way up to the Solaris.We now have several machines you can purchase online and we can ship them to you just click Buy This Machine Now. We would love for you to come in and test drive our machines. Click on machine name or picture for detailed product information.

Embroidery / Sewing Machine Single Needle

Accord BLMCC

Baby Lock Accord Embroidery/Sewing MachineBaby Lock Accord Specifications

Adventura II BLMAV

Baby Lock Adventura II Embroidery/Sewing MachineBaby Lock Adventura II Specifications

Aerial BLAE

Baby Lock Aerial Embroidery MachineBaby Lock Aerial Specifications

Altair BLTA

Baby Lock Altair Embroidery MachineBaby Lock Altair Specification

Flourish II BLMFO2

Baby Lock Flourish II Embroidery/Sewing MachineBaby Lock Flourish Specifications

Meridian BLMA

Baby Lock Meridian Embroidery MachineBaby Meridian Specifications

Pathfinder BLPF

Baby Lock Pathfinder Embroidery MachineBaby Lock Pathfinder Specifications

Solaris  2 BLSA2

Baby Lock Solaris  2 Embroidery/Sewing MachineBaby Lock Solaris Specifications


Baby Lock Verve Embroidery/Sewing MachineBaby Lock Verve Specifications

Embroidery Multi Needle

Intrepid BMT6

Baby Lock Intrepid Embroidery MachineBaby Lock Intrepid Specifications

Venture BMVT10

Baby Lock Venture Embroidery MachineBaby Lock Valiant Specifications

Quilting / Sewing Machine

Crescendo BLCR

Baby Lock Crescendo Quilting/Sewing MachineBaby Lock Crescendo Specifications


Baby Lock Jazz II Quilting/Sewing MachineBaby Lock Jazz II Specifications

Buy This Machine $699.99


Baby Lock Lyric Quilting/Sewing MachineBaby Lock Lyric Specifications


Presto II BLMPR2

Baby Lock Presto II Quilting/Sewing MachineBaby Lock Presto II Specifications

Soprano BLMSP

Baby Lock Soprano Quilting/Sewing MachineBaby Lock Soprano Specifications

Long Arm Quilting

Coronet BLCT16

Baby Lock Coronet Quilting MachineBaby Lock Coronet Specifications


Acclaim BLES4

Baby Lock Acclaim SergerBaby Lock Acclaim Specifications

Accolade BLS8

Baby Lock Accolade SergerBaby Lock Accolade Specifications

Celebrate BLS1

Baby Lock Celebrate SergerBaby Lock Celebrate Specifications

Buy This Machine $1099.99

Triumph BLETS8

Baby Lock Triumph SergerBaby Lock Triump Serger Specs

Vibrant BL460B

Baby Lock Vibrant SergerBaby Lock Triumph Specifications

Buy This Machine $399.99

Victory BLS3

Baby Lock Victory SergerBaby Lock Victory Specifications

Sewing Machines

Brilliant BL220B

Baby Lock Brilliant Sewing MachineBaby Lock Brilliant Specifications

Buy This Machine $899.99

Joy BL25B

Baby Lock Joy Sewing MachineBaby Lock Joy Specifications

Buy This Machine $199.99

Jubilant BL80B

Baby Lock Jubillant Sewing MachineBaby Lock Jubilant Specifications

Buy This Machine $499.99

Zeal BL35B

Baby Lock Zeal Sewing MachineBaby Lock Zeal Specifications

Buy This Machine $299.99

Zest BL15B

Baby Lock Zest Sewing MachineBaby Lock Zest Specifications